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High Flights Soaring Club (member, Soaring Society of America - SSA) is a group of approximately 50 members interested in fun, safe soaring. We own five sailplanes and a tug: a Schweizer 2-33, two 1-26s and 1-34, an L-13 Blanik and a 180HP Piper Super Cub. (The links above are of of our sailplanes snugly affixed to the ground at our home-base, Meadow Lake Airport near Colorado Springs in the shadow of Pikes Peak. Each picture is about 16K except the 1-26/club ships panorama shot [400K BMP].)

High Flights is a club; that is, membership in our club is required in order to fly our equipment. However, if you have a keen interest in soaring, we are very interested in a visit from you. We offer introductory rides in a sailplane for a reasonable cost. High Flights operates on the west side of Meadow Lake Airport on almost every weekend day.

Here are ground and air directions to High Flights Soaring.

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